Professional Longarm Machine Quilters

About Julie, Jim, and Catalpa Quilts



Meet Julie Pettyjohn:

Although I've not been quilting a long time (only a few years), I have always been involved in something creative. I worked in advertising as a computer graphics artist and a writer. I worked for a small weekly newspaper as a writer, reporter, and editor; and for eight years I was a middle school teacher: writing, grammar, and literature.

For many years I have found peace by knitting. Most of my friendships have transpired over a hank of yarn, some good knitting needles, and heartfelt conversation. While knitting, I also discovered sewing, beautiful fabrics, and piecing together quilt tops. The first amazing video I came across was one made by Angela Walters with Quilting Is My Therapy. Well, that did it - I was hooked. Before I even started quilting on my domestic machine, I told Jim, "I'm going to be a longarmer." I started machine quilting on a Baby Lock Jazz and the next thing I knew a window of opportunity opened, and I called Angela to tell her I was ready to purchase a Handi Quilter Longarm machine.

Professional Development / Classes / Mentors:

Angela Walters of Quilting is My Therapy
I first took a class from Angela before I had purchased my longarm from her. I keep in contact with her, the great staff she has, and all the other longarmers who purchased from her. We meet monthly for a business meeting, have retreats, and way too much fun!

Melissa Kruschwitz, MK Quilts
I met MK March 2018 and took a two day class from her learning “the MK Way” of quilting with my ProStitcher Premium computer. Her “way” clicked with me, and with her guidance, I was off and running making custom quilts with a variety of digitized stitches. I am a member of her closed Facebook groups for all who have computers for long arm machines, and I follow her on YouTube, her live feeds, and more. She is a wealth of information and brings weekly tips.

Susan Manry, HQ Instructor
In February 2019, Jim and I both took a two-day class from Susan about a program called Art N Stitch where we learned how to digitize our own creations into stitches for quilts.

Here are some personal notes about me:

Jim and I have been married a long time - we are best friends - and we love our dogs Gryffin, Sebastian, and Baxter. Our Devon Rex cats are Batik and Tula Blue. Batik believes she is part of management at Catalpa Quilts & Tula is still a kitten.  We have kids and grandkids whom we don't see often due to where we all live, but whom we love and adore. My favorite color is purple.  I change my hair often but not my fun personality. I absolutely love laughter, creativity, and technology. I tend to be a perfectionist but I am working on getting rid of that notion since no one is perfect.

I look forward to getting to know you too.