Professional Longarm Machine Quilters



I offer TWO basic options/prices.

1) Edge-to-edge is 2 cents per square inch.

2) Custom (up to 4 designs per quilt) is 3 cents per square inch

You can calculate your cost by multiplying your width times your length to get your square inches. Next, multiply that number by .02 for E2E or .03 for custom.

Example: A quilt that is 60 x 74 = 4,440 square inches. Multiplied by .02 = $88.80 for edge-to-edge or 4,440 x .03 = $133.20 for custom.


1) E2E: An edge-to-edge design, also sometimes called an all-over.

One beautiful panto design of your choice will be repeated, consistently, from the top left to bottom right of your work.

The cost: $.02 per square inch. - - Measure quilt length times width and multiply by .02.

2) * Custom

My special niche is that I have the ability to put together a variety of computer digital designs to create a custom-look quilt. I can also provide ruler work and free-motion quilting.

Cost: $.03 per square inch

  • Note: The custom cost of 3 cents per square inch applies for two to four designs and one to two thread colors. If you want more designs and more thread color changes, that is possible, but I will need to quote you a higher price. That will all be discussed and agreed upon prior to the quilting.

  • I have the ability to offer other services, such as piecing a quilt. Each quilt will be cost estimated. The customer will purchase all fabric. Additionally, an estimate for my time will be determined. Quilting the piece will be additional.



On all the above, you will need to provide the quilt top, batting, and backing (the last two being four inches larger than the quilt top on top and bottom and at least three inches larger on the sides).

I have Dream Quilters 100% Cotton batting ($11/yard), Dream Quilter’s Polyester batting ($9/yard), and Dream Quilters Wool batting ($14/yard) (check availabilities). If you would like me to use the batting I have in my studio, inquire about pricing.

You choose your choice of thread color from my stock of thread. There is no charge for thread.

On this page are photographs of some of the designs available for E2E on ProStitcher computerized designs. I have many, many more.

Trillium Leaf_C-S.jpg

Trillium Leaf





Flowers Leaves_C-S.jpg

Flower & Leaves





Pinwheel Circles_C-S.jpg

Pinwheels & Circles (or without circles)



Flowers & Swirls















Circle Meander


Rows od Swirls_C-S.jpg

Custom Designs:

Echo Pebbles_C-S.jpg

Rows of Swirls