Professional Longarm Machine Quilters

Order Info


1. Contact me with a message of inquiry and interest through email, Facebook, or phone. Leave a message with your phone and email and the best times to reach you.

2. I will telephone you so we may begin a conversation about your needs and requests.

3. During our conversation, I will ask you some of the following information:
(Be thinking about these.)

*Your contact information (phone, email, address)

*Description of the quilt.          *Size.      *Design request for quilting.      *Thread color

*General likes/dislikes. i.e., Would you say you prefer modern looks? Traditional? Are these determined by the type of quilt? Do you prefer threads to blend or to contrast? What are some of your favorite quilts you have done? How about others you have seen?

*Batting preference.       *Quilting density (how close or tight you want the stitching)

*Date it will be ready (you may drop off, ship, or if you are fairly close, I can pick up.)

*I will give you an estimated completion date, and I will keep in touch to let you know status, questions, and to recheck instructions.



---All three pieces - - the quilt top, the batting, the backing - - must be given to me separately. Do not sew them together in a sandwich.

---Batting and Backing: Both pieces need to measure:
6 inches wider than your quilt top (3 inches per side)
& 8 inches larger than quilt top in length (4 inches at top & 4 at bottom)

---Your quilt and you, as my customer, are important to me. I want to keep your business and your best compliment to me is a referral to someone else to use my services. I will do everything possible to meet your needs. Also, I will let you know if any situation arises. Do not hesitate to contact me, email me with ideas, questions, anything. Leave me your texting information, and I will send pictures of the progress on your quilt.

Thank you for seeking my quilting services.


I post photos of what I am working on and may use your quilt in my gallery and in advertisements. If you do not want your quilt to be used, please advise me of your request. Thank you.

Down Payment

Use this "buy now" button to make the down payment we will have discussed prior to services. Thank you! Julie


If you need your quilt mailed or shipped: Once I have shipped your items back to you, I will invoice you for the shipping amount. Estimate around $20 for shipping.